The Historical Preservation Foundation has, since it was founded, funded nearly 100 educational and historical preservation projects from around the state, among these are:


  • Funding for "Sierra Gold" on PBS

  • Scholarships for the Western Archives Institute

  • Funding for the reprinting of Iron Horses to Promontory.

  • Funding for interpretive signage for the Mountain Quarries Bridge.

  • Funding for the Citrus Roots Foundation's history video.

  • Funding for an interpretive plaque at the Tomo Kahni State Historic Park

  • Funding an activity booklet for the Orange County Library


  • Funding for the conservation of Native American artifacts at the University of LaVerne

  • Funding for the floor restoration at Casa Romantica in San Clemente

  • Funding for the restoration of the San Gabriel Museum

  • Funding for the digitizing of the the Amador Ledger by the Amador County Library

  • Funding for the conservation of the Pioneer Monument in Truckee

  • Funding for the Chinese Railroad Worker's Monument, currently housed at the State Railroad Museum

  • Funding for restoration of the Olivera Street Cross in Los Angeles

  • Funding for the restoration of the Dunnigan Church

  • Funding for the restoration of the Atascadero Printery

This is just a small sample of the projects that the HPF has fully or partially funded.